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What's The Point Of Having A LinkedIn Profile?

Ok – so your Resume is up to par, but you still aren’t getting the attention that you want from recruiters. Take a look at your LinkedIn Profile… Does it look professional? Based on the statistics, the answer is probably no and that’s no good.

A HUGE number of recruiters use LinkedIn as a primary source for finding candidates, and if yours isn’t well made, it will automatically repel them from pursuing you as an option. A welcoming profile is CRUCIAL for bringing employers to your page.

A summary with thousands of words is exhausting to read and not many people are willing to take the time to do so – your LinkedIn Profile isn’t your resume!! So there’s NO need to go on and on about information that is useless in your job search.

The key words and strategies that are used to find candidates look for very specific things, so knowing what those tools are is a vital part in making sure that your profile is 100% enhanced – and I know how to do it!

Let me help you develop and optimize your LinkedIn Profile to further make you the perfect candidate for EVERY position!

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Yes, LinkedIn Profiles Are Crucial In Getting The Job You Want

Does your LinkedIn Profile read like a resume? Not cool. At the end of the day your profile needs to be a prefect mix of key words, content, and appearance. The great thing is you don’t have to stress about it – I know what you need on your profile and I can help ensure that your LinkedIn profile represents you, all of your accomplishments, and your career focus. Have you checked out my LinkedIn and my latest article on the Top 3 Resume Mistakes that I see people make every single week? Ready to get started? Click Here to place your order and then I will be in touch to get your old resume and have you fill out a short questionnaire so I can develop your profile to be the strongest it can be! Your opportunity to get more views and leads starts here!