Hi!! I’m Juliet a.k.a. The Resume Shrink – the psychologist for all things career. I’ve been in the business for just over 2 years. Yeah, yeah, I’ve only been doing this for 2 years and claim to be a professional, but hear me out. Every single person that I’ve written for has received an interview – typically dozens! I think the data speaks for itself here. I’m good at what I do, I can’t help it. 😉

So how did I get into resume writing? I LOVE English and writing comes naturally to me, so I knew I wanted to pursue it in one form or another. I’m also a liiiiittle cocky and I like showing people that I’m good at what I do. So, naturally, I combined those two things – now I can use my writing abilities and show off all while helping you land your dream job!

I’ve researched and learned about what hiring managers look for in order to choose the perfect candidate for their open position, and I’ve mastered the technique. I can get you into those interviews and guide you to success!

I LOVE it when I hear my clients’ success stories and about how much they love their new jobs, and I’d love one of those emails from you. Let’s get started!

Juliet! Thank you so much for your help on my Resume and LinkedIn Profile. I have already had multiple recruiters contact me because of the professional content that each display and I have two interviews lined up this week! I’m so glad that I decided to order from you. You helped me get my career back where it needs to be.

Sara Gessinger

General Manager

Thanks to you and your services, I was able to land the job of my dreams. The Hiring Manager was so impressed with my Resume that he immediately asked me to interview with them and later that week I was offered the job… Thank you for your incredible work.

Mark Fresco

Auto Salesman

Hi, Juliet. Thank you for your Resume and LinkedIn help. Since I received your services I have had many contacts, a few interviews and even some job offers. I was greatly satisfied with your work and I will definitely recommend The Resume Shrink to anyone who may need any such services… Thanks again!

Bryce Thompson

Operations Director