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Are you struggling to get interviews with your current resume? Are you a career changer looking for a fresh new resume? Or have you never had a resume and need one for the new job search? That’s where I come in – I’m Juliet, The Resume Shrink. I know, I know – that word sounds negative, but hear me out. A “shrink” is someone who analyzes, assesses, diagnoses, and fixes people’s problems, right? – That’s exactly what I do!

I want you to bring me your old, worn-out, or even nonexistent resume and let me totally remodel it by bringing out your amazing skills and proving you are the best candidate for the job.

I LOVE helping my clients, and watching them succeed with my Resumes and LinkedIn Optimization is one of my all-time favorite things. I ALWAYS work one-on-one with my clients and each resume is a priority to me. I won’t leave until you’ve gotten everything you need and have those interviews lined up for the job of your dreams! Let me help you get there!

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Just like a shrink analyzes your mind and thought processes, I analyze your Resume, LinkedIn Profile, Career, etc., etc. I look at it, I read it, I examine it…. Well, I analyze it.


This is the part where I test your resume. With the right key words and skill set in your resume, you can pass ATS scanners as easy as pie – and I know just how to do that!


Once I’ve assessed your resume, I’ll know what we need to fix. Now I can optimize your resume and professional profile in order to get you the attention you deserve.


This is where you leave it to me. I will make you the perfect candidate and I GUARANTEE that you will land an interview within 30 days of my services. Let’s do this!